Monday, May 02, 2011

Having a Blast in Kendal and Lake Winderemere

We started our trip in Kendal, meeting up with friends and discovering Kendal Castle (ruins). Eloise had great fun running around the ruins, finding the dungeon, being the Queen of the Castle and playing in the playground. Bethany took it easy and found all of the seats, testing them out for size!

We headed to Gummers How in the Lake District and met up with some different friends. It's great having friends all over the country, wherever we go there are people to meet and we always get the best advice about local attractions! Gummers How is a huge hill overlooking Lake Windermere. It's very difficult for a child who gets aches and pains in her legs but we all eventually made it to the top and it was a wonderful vantage point. It felt like we were sitting on top of the world.

On one of the days we went to Brockholes National Park. Eloise was her usual mad self. The girls went on a bungee trampoline. Eloise bounced as high as she could, trying to make shapes with her body and do mid-air tipple overs. Bethany was nervous but stayed on for the whole time and bounced a little higher before her time was up, I was a very proud Mummy watching her fight her nerves. The scenery was beautiful and we spent a full day happily exploring the grounds, playing in the adventure playground and lazing on the balcony eating ice cream. I think we would have gone back there for another day if we'd had more days available. I hope we get chance to go again.

And so endeth another adventure.

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pippinsmum said...

Lovely pics, glad you had a super time,did you go to the chocolate house in Kendal for a hot chocolate? Last time I had one with ginger mmmm!