Thursday, November 22, 2012

Medication and Routine

Bethany is struggling with her health at the moment. She's got to take all of these meds before school (there are 2 syringes off the side of the photo too). They start at 6.30am and go until 8.30am. One has to be taken at a time when she's had no food an hour before and after (hence starting at 6.30am). One has to be before food. Two have to be after or during food. One is an oral gel so goes after food ideally or it doesn't work as well. She is also supposed to have a physio session and foot treatment before school but its impossible. She's having 2 meds in school then several more, just as complicated in the evening. In the evening she also has a physio session and foot treatment which takes an hour. The poor girl is exhausted (as is her mum!!). I can't wait until some of them are finished and we are back to 3 meds a day. In the meantime, if you see me looking like a zombie you'll know why!

Oh yes, and when these meds are done we have other ones waiting in the queue that I can't physically fit into the routine right now because the day doesn't have enough hours. Forgot about that - something else to look forward to!

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pippinsmum said...

poor Bethany hope she is better soon